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As a child born and raised in Chicago, IL I have always been one to help my mom out in the kitchen. It started with me standing on a chair peeling corn, to graduating high school and deciding that I wanted to go to culinary school. I entered the Culinary Arts field at The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago in 2007 and studied under some of the most experienced and prestigious chefs in the Chicago area and beyond. I understood the importance of not only having the knowledge of culinary arts, but also great hospitality is very important to have in order to please your guests. In 2012 I graduated with two degrees, one in Culinary Arts and the other in Hospitality Management. 

I have always had an interest in Southern style cooking, and traveling quite often to the South, particularly Louisiana, I took a keen interest in Cajun Cuisine. My love for traditional Southern style cuisine and my love for Cajun style cuisine has provided me with many great food experiences that I have infused together, bringing you my Thyme Down South. Our strong focus on education, green initiative, and the local community is an exhibit of our passion, ambition, and moxie.

We are Jacksonville's rising source for affordable, delicious, and unique catering choices. We offer a made from scratch menu using the freshest ingredients Jacksonville has to offer. Not only do we uphold a high standard of quality, we also hold a high standard on affordability.

Chef Mike presents Thyme Down South