Choice of:
Healthy Lunch
Hearty Dinner

​​​~TDS Meal Plan Menu~
*= ($9 a la carte; choose 1 veg and 1 starch)
(8.00 a la carte unless (*)
~Summer Salad~
3.00 a la carte
(Fresh Artisan mix topped with grape tomato, summer squash, and shredded carrot)
~Strawberry Twist~
4.50 a la carte
(Fresh Artisan mix topped with fresh sliced strawberries, pecans, and blue cheese crumbles. Served with a raspberry vinaigrette)
~The Cali~
7.50 a la carte
(Fresh Artisan mix topped with tomato, cucumber, avocado, and tender blackened chicken breast)

~Chicken Entree~
~Smothered Cajun Gold Chicken~      
 (Tender, juicy chicken breast grilled, then tossed in our signature Cajun Gold BBQ Sauce with peppers, onions,and cheese)

~ Rosemary Lemon Chicken~*
(Marinated and blended with herbs, this chicken breast bursts with flavor)

~Blackened Chicken~
(Turn it up a kick with this delicious Cajun style chicken breast coated in rich N’awlins flavor)

~Beef Entree~
~Spaghetti TDS Style~
(Made with the freshest of peppers, and onions, our unique blends of herbs combine to make a sweet and savory spaghetti sauce that will peak your palate)

~Chef Mike’s Meatballs~
(A blend of delicious, juicy, turkey and beef, cooked and tossed in our Sweet and Tangy Sauce)

~Chili Spiced Steak~
(Ancho-spiced and marinated to tenderness, this steak is bursting with flavor)

~Stroll Down Bourbon St. ~
(An amazing trip to the French Quarter with our traditional Jambalaya with shrimp, sausage, and chicken, wrapped tightly in a grilled vegetable wrap)

 ~Blackened fish w/ Mango Salsa~
(Our juicy, fresh blackened fish wrapped up with some beans and rice, and our fresh mango salsa)

~Fish Entrée~
(Seasoned Fish grilled or baked to perfection)

~Glazed Salmon w/ Spiced carrots~
(A juicy, flaky piece of salmon, marinated and cooked to perfection ,served on a bed a tasty spiced carrots)

Choice and  A La Carte Sides:$4.00
~Red Beans and Rice~
(The best outside of N’awlins, our layered blend of flavors will make you think you were in the quarter)

~Thyme’s Roasted Medley~
(A fun roast of fresh mixed vegetables seasoned to delight)

~Vegetable Rice Pilaf~
(Seasoned rice steamed with fresh chopped seasonal vegetables)

~TDS Collard Greens~
(Our collards are shredded, seasoned, and cooked til tender)

 ~BBQ Spiced Potatoes~
(Tender Red Potatoes tossed in our BBQ Blend)

~Squash and Zucchini Casserole~
(Fresh from the market our vegetable casserole is the BEST!)

~Baked Mac and Cheese~
(A rich and creamy mac and cheese made with our signature cheese sauce)

~Sautee'd Green Beans~
(Fresh farmers market spinach saute'd in a blend of garlic and roasted red peppers)

Signature Dessert~ 3.19
~Madd Chef Shortcake ~
(Our signature tuxedo shortcake; a sweet treat to eat)
~1 Gal TDS Signature Sweet Tea~ 4.99ea
~ 1 Gal Unsweetened Tea~3.49ea

The Traditional

, Breakfast Potatoes
Scrambled Eggs

Grits Southern Classic
Buttermilk Pancakes
Scrambled Eggs
Cheese Grits

Weekly plans or A La Carte delivery service convenient and affordable for all


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Serving Size: 6oz Protein; 1 carb/starch; 1 veggie (25 meal/week plans receive choice of 1 extra starch or veg and dessert of the week)

2 delivery slots available 1:00pm-3:00pm
A la Carte orders must be at least $30
Vegetarian menu available!
Orders Placed by Friday 5pm will be delivered Monday; Orders Placed by Tuesday 5pm will be delivered Thursday
Can deliver to home or office; Deliveries made between 1pm-6pm

15 meals/week

5 meals/week

25 meals/week

20 meals/week

10 meals/week